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The journey into fatherhood is a unique experience. One that I was truly not prepared for yet one I treasure and do not take lightly. A journey that is also very scary but oh so rewarding.

Today, I had the privilege of spending time with Erin, my little blue-eyed angel. Well, she is not so little any more. She is now ten going on eighteen…lol.

She wanted to go on an adventure today.

We start the day with a walk up and down the street. She holds my hand the whole time. And we talk about little things as we walk. Such a priceless moment for both of us. I’m not sure which one of us enjoyed it the most.

Erin & I Walking

We stopped during the walk long enough to watch the butterflies and to let the cars go by. We then take a walk in the woods for a bit where, despite my objection she wades into the marsh with her only pair of shoes she has at the house…ugghhh.

Then we head to the grassy field and do what I did the other day…we walk through with our arms out just feeling the top of the wheat type grass. We end our adventure by catching a baby rabbit so she could hold one. Of course, she did not want to put it downBaby rabbitt. Now she wants a bunny.

At the end of our adventure I realize my angel is growing up so fast. Time flies so quickly. It seems like just yesterday I was holding her in my arms, in amazement, as I watched one of God’s miracles sleeping and smiling at the same time. I still remember the baths, the diaper changing and the never-ending duty of washing clothes and bottles.

I still get the cherished butterfly kisses complete with her arms flapping as she comes to kiss me on the check. I get to see her goofyness shine while at the same time witnessing her heart just grow. She has such a loving and giving heart.

I will never forget taking her to get her glasses that she said she “needed”. She kept saying over and over that she was having a hard time reading. So we schedule a visit to the eye doctor. Nothing is wrong. She nails all the images that flash before her. She has 20/20 vision. I, honestly was just thinking she did not want to read, yet it made no sense as she loves to.

So after everything is said and done the doctor tells Erin that everything is fine. But not for Erin..she wants glasses. So the doctor asks her why she wants glasses. She proceeds to tell the doctor that one of her friends wears glasses and is always getting picked on. Erin said I want glasses so she will not be the only one being picked on for wearing glasses.

Well…guess what dad does…yep…I bought her glasses.

Erin with glasses

The memories will forever be with me but I look forward to the years to come as she continues to mature and grow spiritually. I love watching her become a young lady, who will become a beautiful woman who loves God. And because she has her mom’s beauty, I know my hands will be folded in prayer a lot.

As I hear her prayers for me, asking God to help me be a better dad and person. I pray for her to grow in her faith.

Thank you for allowing me this privilege of helping to raise this blessing you have given us. I praise you for the joy she has brought into my life as well as the joy she brings to others. I Thank you for her loving and caring heart you have given her. She is such a precious treasure.

Lord, helping raise her into the woman you want her to be is a task (calling) I do not nor will I ever take lightly. I ask for strength Lord as I continue to strive to serve you that she may see a man of God, who not only loves you but his family as well. Father, I ask that you show her what a husband should be by watching me treat her mom with respect and love.

Lord, her mom deserves more than I could ever give and you love her much more than I ever could as well. Please continue to draw her mom closer to you so that she can show Erin what it means to be a woman of God. Give her wisdom, patience, and understanding for the continued journey of raising, not only Erin but both of our children towards a life in you.

Father, I ask that you give her the knowledge that she can always come to you with her problems even when she feels that she can not come to me or her mom. May she always know you love her and care for every need in her life.

I know that one day I will not be the only man who holds her heart. One day you will bring another man into her life to be her husband. Father, I pray that even now you are preparing this young man for my daughter. Instill in him a desire to serve you with integrity in all areas of his life. May he always seek you with every decision in his life. Lord, give him strength and patience as he waits for you to prepare Erin for him.

I love her so much. I only want the best for her as she continues in this journey called life. May she continue to grow in you Lord as she becomes the woman of God you would have her be.

I ask these things in the name of you Son Jesus Christ.


God Bless,