Prayer For The Continued Journey

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Father, I come to you today just asking for wisdom, understanding and endurance. Sometimes Lord it is just so hard to talk about porn and sex. I know it is your calling on my life to help others out of their addiction just as you helped me out of mine, but Lord…it hurts.

It hurts when I hear from women who are struggling to find their self-worth amidst their husbands addiction. Their pain knowing their husband is looking at other women have sex, sexting other women and going to the topless bars. It is so hard to hear their cries for help….their despair. Yet I know I need to hear those cries as a means to continue reaching out to these men..letting them know that there is HOPE.

Many times, despite my best intentions my mind will wonder after helping these men find their triggers. You know my struggle Lord and how hard it is sometimes for me to turn off my brain and stop the visuals. Father, many times their triggers are exactly like mine. And their stories….God it just breaks my heart.

So many of the guys that you have placed in my path to talk to have been molested. Molested by the ones they should have been able to trust…fathers, brothers….Lord…their family. It is just not right.

Yet, I know that we live in a fallen world…but dang it! Scars run deep Lord. The devil has had his ungodly schemes in many of these men’s families for decades. I know Father it only takes one to take a stand and break a generational curse.

Lord, these young men…I hurt for them!

Father, give me strength and endurance as I continue in this battle. Allow me to continue to be a beacon of light in this darkened world. Give me the wisdom needed to give the right words to the right person. Please allow me to continue to be a good listener and a friend that others can confide in. Continue your work in me so that others will see you..not me.

Thank you for what you have done in my life Father and I thank you in advance for what you are going to do.

I love you Father


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