It’s In The Cards

In my post Learning to Dance in the Dark I mentioned trying to make up your own game for your date/sex night. This is actually something I always wanted to try but never did. We even talked about it and had actually decided on some mutual ideas. We just never followed through.

I know that there are games in the market for date night or sex night. There are several Christian ones out there as well. (Links are at the bottom of this post.) There are also some Christian Lingerie shops online that use mannequins instead of people to model the lingerie. But anyway…

Let’s get back to the game for now…

Go ahead the babysitter and set up a night where he/she can keep the kiddos.

Now, on the night the kids are being babysat go to the store and buy some heavy duty card stock, and two sharpies of your choice in color, as this may be something you will want to continue doing and add more ideas later. The reason I say wait till they are at the babysitter is because you do not want to have to explain why you are buying yourself card stock and sharpies. But you can buy extra and have a family game too.

Once you are back home I say set the atmosphere. Go ahead and light some candles and turn off the lights. Sit side by side on the couch or bed and pray. Yep, I said pray. And I do not mean separately but together as a couple. Why pray? Because God wants to be a part of every aspect of your life including your sex life. Plus, you will be opening yourself up to ideas you might not be ready for. Or hear desires from your spouse that you personally do not like.

There may be several things that you might want be in prayer for but here are a few examples;

  1. Patience. The ideas you have that you want to share with your spouse may take them by surprise and therefore take a while to fulfill.
  2. Understanding. There could be a secret thought your spouse has left in the dark for fear you would either say NO or WHAT about.
  3. Openness. You want to be able to open and honest about your feelings and your desires. Also be open to doing things you might never have done before.
  4. Love. Love in marriage is more than a feeling it is a choice and includes action.

Now it’s time for the ideas to be put on paper. Take your time…remember the kids are not there tonight. You can either start small or go all out here but try being creative yet not to where your spouse will feel threatened by anything you put down.

Alright guys here are some ideas. I was thinking of breaking these down by role, but have since changed my mind because it might be fun for both of you to do these for each other.

  • Role play ~ Many people have a secret fantasy of having sex with a person in a uniform….whether it be a fireman, policeman, doctor, nurse…etc…
  • Bubble bath by candle light ~ Go ahead put in the rose pedals and get in there with them. Bathe each other.
  • Dinner of your choice.
  • Full body massage ~ Yeah, fingers, toes and hair. While you are at it make sure to get some good oil. Use a feather if you want too.
  • Oral sex only ~ Yeah I know what you are thinking…but it can be done. And it will give you more time to explore your spouses body. Plus, seeing as how that is all you can do, it gives you time to learn what truly gets your spouse excited/wet during foreplay.
  • Striptease ~ Time to reuse the role play scenerio 🙂
  • Sex in any position you choose ~ There are so many fun positions to try. If you can not explain it…draw it on the card. Be creative yet ensure there in no pain involed.
  • Sex in whatever room you choose.

Those are only a few ideas guys. I am sure that you can come up with fun and interesting things to add to the date/sex night. I believe it can be fun yet scary at the same the beginning. But I also know that over the next few months you will be looking forward to what’s in the cards!

In the cards

Now as promised! Here is the site list for Christian based games, lingerie and novelties.

Covenant Spice

Married Dance

If you know of others please leave them in a comment so I can add them to the list.

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