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I had a unique experience today at lunch with the kids and my wife/ex today. One actually I wish the kids had not seen. Yet it did give us the opportunity to explain a few things about Christianity and how one should really act to honor God.

We pull into the place the kids wanted to eat at for lunch. As we pull around to the side of the building to park and go in I see a car with the fire & brimstone “preacher” stickers on it. You know the ones that take up the whole door and say sinner on one door and repent on the other. Then you see the other side of the car and it says the same thing. Yeah, one of those. I was like cool..lunch before heading back out to preach to the cars passing by at the local Wal-Mart.

Here we are eating lunch at Taco Bell. We do not go there often so this was a treat for the kids. And Erin wanted to try the new Cinnabons…which are freaking awesome by the way. Can you say addictive?

But anyway…while we were eating this lady comes to our table and places two items on our table. She then heads over to the one next to us which happens to be the street preachers table. He rebuked her so fast you would think a demon had just touched him. He used no foul language of course. Yet he shunned her like a leper of ole. His words: “Don’t put that on my table in Jesus name!” But the moment he said that to her everyone turned to see what was going on…including Brandon who had to turn around to look. Sadly the last thing out of his mouth was “Glory To God”. I about came unglued!

Well we pick up said items off the table and tried to read the inscription on the package. But we did not have to. Several people picked theirs up and read them out loud in protest. This is what it said:

Deaf Laides Letter

Are we not called to show compassion on those less fortunate than us? The least this man could have done was given her a chance. To show the love of Christ and how we as Christians should act. But, no, he does the exact freaking opposite in front of many people. The first words out of Erin’s mouth was…that was not very nice daddy. The first words out of my wife/ex were well that was NOT very Christ like.

My first thought was to get up and put this item on his table since he was so adamant about not having it put there. Then as nice as possible tell him a piece of my mind. I should have but I didn’t. I just sat there thinking about this man for the entire time I was trying to eat food I no longer wanted. My mind wandered….

How could this preacher be so mean to someone who is deaf and just trying to make ends meet by selling items to people? Has he forgotten that Jesus himself told the disciple to take nothing with them for their journey over in Mark chapter 6? To me, anyway, that means they had to fund themselves. I am sure that they found means to help pay for food. Granted they were told to stay in the home that welcomed them until it was time to leave the town. So the disciples had a place to stay but I am sure their clothes needed mending and things like that. They had to find means to come up with the funds…as was this young lady.

Did he not remember that Paul made tents for a living to supply the funds needed for his travels to tell everyone about Christ? Maybe this young lady works and maybe she does not. I am not certain. And no, I am not saying that deaf people do not work. What I am saying is that this young lady was trying to make money for herself. And there is nothing wrong with that at all. And also that nobody should be treated that way…period.

I had to explain to Erin, after her next question of why did he do that daddy, that some people including Christians just do not get it. And that includes preachers. That despite this mans’ desire to serve God he missed out on what God may have set in motion…sharing the gospel with her.

I explained the difference between fire and brimstone and the true meaning of the gospel to her because that was brought up. She asked me why I did not say anything to the man. I told her had I done that sweetie, daddy may have said something out of anger so I chose not too. I also had to try to define blasphemy to her because I used the word to describe his actions while talking to my wife/ex.

That was an interesting conversation to say the least as it also brought up the term hypocrite. And despite our efforts to change the atmosphere I believe that my children left with a bad taste in their mouth and not by the food. But I do know that the next time someone comes up to me or my wife/ex while the kids are with us they will remind us to give them our attention. You never know what God could have set in motion.

This post is basically a rant or vent to be completely honest, but…not if…but when someone comes up to you trying to sell something give them the same time of day you would expect yourself to be given. Their livelihood may depend on it.

This is Erin’s item that we bought. The other one is also a key chain. It is a cross.


Deaf Ladies Keychain