Reminiscing Prayer Time

Why is it that powerful prayer time for me comes in the oddest of places? The odd place for me the other day was in the shower. Normally I will have the kids asking me questions, the bathtub is too cold or my thoughts are just out there. Not this time. The kids were gone, the bathtub was warm and yeah my thoughts were kind of out there but not real far this time. They were actually right on target for God to talk to me.


I was actually reminiscing about having sex in that shower and then later on…the lack of sex in the shower with my wife. I know…I know I shouldn’t be thinking of that but God brought me out of that thought process quickly and took me to the beginning of our marriage. Several memories came flooding back…in living color…I guess you could say.

I was brought back in time to our first pregnancy. I remembered the uncertainty of having sex while she was pregnant. That worry did not last long. Seems that the female libido is more active while pregnant. At least it was for my wife. I remembered feeling Erin kick for the first time and watching her move around inside my wife’s belly. So freaking cool! I remembered talking to her while still inside the womb. I saw myself lovingly applying cocoa butter to my wife’s tummy to try to help with stretch marks. Moments I still treasure deeply but do not think of often.

I thanked God for reminding me of what it felt like to be a new daddy.

I remember getting mad at the nurses for not allowing me to go straight back with my wife while she was getting prepped for her ultrasounds. I had finally had had enough one day and asked “How do you think she got pregnant? I have seen her naked for crying out loud.” They just responded that it was policy. I just shook my head. At least I was there for her. And I did get to go in and see Erin in the womb.

I thanked God for allowing me the chance to see it all.

I saw myself holding Erin for the first time. Erin was born a little premature. I missed her being born by about twenty minutes I believe. My work had me travel a lot. I made it to Ruston, Louisiana from Canton, Mississippi as fast as I could, doing between 90 and 95 mph. Luckily I had an officer leading me the whole way.

After hearing the doctors say, for my wife’s entire pregnancy, that Erin had the Trisomy 13 Syndrome and that she would come out looking like a fish or something of that nature I had tears of joy knowing God had answered our prayers. She was beautiful and perfect.

I thanked God for my sweet little blue-eyed angel, for who she is now and for the woman she will grow up to become. Erin still smiles when I call her that. I also thanked Him for the Godly man He will bring into her life.

I saw myself in the delivery room with my wife as she was having our second child….Brandon. I was there for this one. She had made sure this time. Told my boss no travel time for me during her pregnancy. He listened. Great boss. It was awesome having both of my parents there. I was outside talking with my mom and hear “Go get him I’m having the baby now!” I rush in and barely have time to prep myself.

Out comes Brandon. I just cried while watching this miracle take place. The most beautiful disgusting thing I was ever seen in my life, yet I would not have missed it for the whole world. I got to cut his umbilical cord (I was very nervous by the way), wash him off and take him to his momma. The wonderful thing is that he was here. Brandon almost died while in the womb. As a matter of fact, the pregnancy could have killed my wife.

I thanked God for the blessing of my son and the young little man he is and who he will grow up to become. And asking for a shield of protection over both Brandon and Erin….and their momma.

I thanked God for giving me a wife who was willing to have children. I know she was worried about getting pregnant with Brandon after everything we went through with Erin. God told me ever so softly what needed to happen next.

The next day I told my ex that there was something very important I needed to thank her for. I shared this prayer time and memories with her. It was another God moment for sure. I teared up with the first word. By the end we were both teary eyed. And I felt a lot better and my heart felt cleaner.

Dear husbands and fathers,

Please do not let the world and all its worries rob you of the joys life can bring. Memories are treasures. When you remember those moments look at your wife with a big huge smile and a gleam in your eye. She will ask you about the look and smile. Then you share that moment with her all over again. What a blessing to reminiscence on the joys of marriage and parenthood.

God Bless,


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