Could You Fast For A Year From Sex, Drugs & Alcohol To Find Your True Self?

I had a very interesting message sent to me the other day via my page Resurrecting the Redeemed From Porn Addiction from a Ivana A. Sanders. In this message Ivana informed me that she is writing, producing, and directing an independent filmed that is in development called The Abstinence Project. The title alone peaked my interest.

Allow me to share with you some background on Ivana:

This young lady is a seminary school student getting her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biblical Counseling and is actually celibate herself. She decided when she was 12-years-old to save herself for her future husband and allow God to guide her, mature her, grow her closer to Him, and give her the strength to wait until marriage. She takes pleasure in knowing that even though going asleep alone every night can sometimes be a struggle she knows that she is living as God would want her too. She also treasures and respects herself and her future husband enough not to go about as the much of the world does…especially those in her age group of 18-35 year olds.

However, she does know that with so much temptation around us constantly, people often and understandably stumble along the way. But it is the stories that show people trying to better themselves that inspire the most and that is what she wants to depict in her movie.

Here is a brief rundown of the film:

“The Abstinence Project” is an inspiring redemption story, constructed as a movie, about a documentary which follows the character Jace Elliott, a directionless and reckless 23-year-old young man who decides to take a yearlong fast from SEX, DRUGS, and ALCOHOL in order to find himself and his purpose in life; although, during this time he also unexpectedly finds love. Along the way Jace Elliott comes out of a life style that was fast and full of illicit behavior and comes into his own finding prayer, love, faith in the Lord, peace, meditation, forgiveness, wholesomeness, thankfulness, health, altruism, redemption, and true fulfillment.The Abstinence Project Lost

As I said, the title alone intrigued me but upon finding out that Ivana is, herself, celibate made me more interested in this project as she will be filming Jace as he goes through the withdrawals from not only drugs, alcohol, but sex as well. I, for one applaud her for being willing do this project. I can not wait to see how Jace handles everything and yet comes out a new man after a year into his journey.

If you would like to help fund this project, as it is fan funded please go to her Go Fund Me sight at

Also go by and check out the project’s website at

The Abstinece Project


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