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Just want to take a moment and apologize for not posting much here lately. I have been in a weird spot staying with my wife after being separated all these years. I am thankful for this you understand…it’s just different. Being able to spend daily time with my kids has been such a blessing.

I have several thoughts running through my mind as far as posts go. I have been working on a few yet every time I sit down the kids want something, the dog needs to go outside among the other household items that need attending as well. I enjoy helping, do not get me wrong, as that actually is my “love” language.

Many times I wonder how many of my fellow bloggers have the time to post daily. I may never ever get to that point.

I have also been trying to not succumb to the depression of no intimacy in my life.  I am asking for praying in this area please.

Also if anyone has any ideas as to a mission statement for my blog I would appreciate it. I am having a hard time seeing how I discuss several topics and do not really concentrate on a single issue.