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What started as a new adventure in finding a safer and healthier place for my children to come and stay with me has become a different adventure all together. One of disappointment, surprise, depression and joy. One where my wife and friends have a major role.

I told our children that I was looking for a new place for them. One that did not leak on them every night as they walked through the hall, from the AC vent. One that would not blow up because a tenant was cooking meth in his apartment. One that was not roach infested…try as hard as I might to remove them. I also told them it could mean only seeing me on Sunday for a few weeks, as I would have no “place” for them to stay while I looked.

I shared my thoughts with their mom.. She just stood there and listened intently. Was silent only for a moment and goes No, you will not sleep in your car. You will stay here until you find a new place  for you and the kids”..SURPRISE

So we both start looking as I am packing and even as I stay with her and the kids for the first week. DISAPPOINTMENT….no luck. Living in a small town sucks sometimes. But, as I have said for many years I do not want to move too far away from the kids yet. I will start looking twenty minutes away in Monroe. But that would mean no Wednesday nights with the kids….possibly.

Last Tuesday I get pulled over by a very nice and polite State Trooper who informs me my license is suspended. I told him that I do not doubt it as my insurance person kind of closed shop and I have not found another one yet. I have a small budget with child support and living expenses The officer then informs me that I have a warrant for an outstanding ticket from a while back. I’ll be honest I forgot. I was bouncing between stores where I work at the time. But because of everything he had to pull my tags. No more car except to drive the  kids home.

Two days later I find out how much everything will cost…DEPRESSION sets in. Let’s just say it will take me a while to save the money to get my car back on the road.

The joy has been watching my son. It was on that first Wednesday night staying with my wife and kids that we realized why our son was not doing well at all in reading and spelling.

Come to find out that he has been forgetting to bring a certain notebook home with him since school started. Upon looking into the notebook we realized that this was his study binder. No wonder he was making bad grades. He never studied.

So that night we both go over the words with him. He studies with his mom first, while I help our daughter with her homework. Then we switch. This has worked well as he is now making A’s in reading and spelling now. To watch his smile as he sounds out the words and pronounces them properly is priceless. To hear him tell me he got an A is…well..a very proud moment for both mom and dad.

As I started down this new journey in my life I have realized that I have amazing friends.  Having to make it work on time has been a challenge. It’s real hard when you live twenty minutes away in another town. Thanks to my many friends and fellow employees I have made it to work and home every day I needed to since being pulled over. I have friends that will go out of their way to help. It has been a blessing and I am so grateful.