D.A.D.D. ~ Drive Against Distracted Driving

It has happened to many wives, husbands, moms, dads, sons, daughters, lovers and friends…that dreaded phone call saying a loved one has been in a car wreck. A forever altering moment…that could have been avoided. A life taken from our lives before their time. All too soon and leaving behind a trail of tears, not only for those who suffered the loss but for the person who was distracted while driving and made a huge mistake.

I had the honor aBrandon and familynd privilege of meeting Christina Rushing last night at Richland Celebrate Recovery. I intentionally missed small group to hear her story last night. To hear what her husband, Brandon Rushing, had overcome in his life to be taken by a who knows what distraction was heartbreaking. You see Brandon was a brain cancer survivor. A father of three, one daughter and two boys who are little miracles themselves as he technically could not have children due to the treatments for the cancer. A survivor of another wreck, by another teen, one year and two days prior to his death.

We never know why these things happen much less why God allowed it but good things always come out of bad as God heals. Christina has startedD.A.D.D. a movement called D.A.D.D. Drive Against Distracted Driving. A movement to bring awareness to teens about how easy it is to become distracted while driving and the potential danger that can follow. A movement that prayerfully result in many lives being saved as a result of the awareness.

Christina will be sharing her story at Junior High and Sr. High schools throughout north Louisiana. She will also, I believe…possibly, take the Pathfinder as show and tell.  A before and after picture of the vehicle is at the bottom.


(pictured Brandon Rushing)

The man you are lookiBrandon Rushingng at is my husband, Brandon Rushing.  He was born 10/25/1979.  We have been married almost 11 years on August 8th.  He is not here to celebrate our 11th and every year after this.   Brandon was 34 years old on 4/22/2014 when he died.  He was out and about helping people as always and was going to make a stop in our home town of Mangham.  He didn’t make it.  He was traveling a back road when a 16-year-old boy in his jacked up truck went into his lane at the last second.  He hit my husband head on and so quick that my husband didn’t hit the brakes or even move from his path.  The boy then accelerated instead of braking.  This caused his truck to go up and over my car.  I still to this day do not know what that boy did to distract him and I may never know.  The only thing I do know is that his life is drastically changed as well as for mine and my kids.  I just want my husband back every day.  Please I ask of you to pay attention to only the road and ignore disaster.


~Christina Rushing~


Brandon's New Pathfinder
Brandon's Pathfinder
Please stop by Christina’s website. Watch some of the videos she has shared about distracted driving. Follow her on Twitter.


Be safe and courteous while driving friends. Help spread the word of D.A.D.D. please.


God Bless,

2 thoughts on “D.A.D.D. ~ Drive Against Distracted Driving”

  1. So many tragedies could have been avoided. Thanks for your post that raises this awareness. Praying here for Christina and the children. Glad that she started this movement. I hope people will take heed of this.


    1. Yes, many could have been avoided. I had a dear female friend of mine almost loose her whole family…she did loose her middle son. Sad tragedy.

      I will pass on your prayers and glad tidings to Christina when I see her again..hopefully this Thursday at Celebrate Recovery.

      Thank you for stopping by! 🙂

      God Bless,


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