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Just wanted to reshare this as I see so many of my friends seeing themselves sinking in quicksand with no way out. But there is always hope.

Something to Stu Over

Had someone bring this up tonight….quicksand..and it made me start thinking. God does that a lot with me here lately but anyway…

Quicksand is something a lot of us have seen in the movies but hardly anyone you know of have actually fallen into. But I have seen videos of people getting out of a quicksand pit. And it is actually a lot like what the Bible says about being still.

All quicksand is is loose dirt with a bunch of water under it. You step or fall into it quite by accident because you can not tell any difference in a quicksand pit and the rest of the terrain you are walking on. But the moment you are in it you know because you start sinking and the more you struggle against it; the more and faster you sink.Quicksand

But there is a way out. I’ve seen it done…

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