Trading In To Help A Friend In Need

I work at Game Stop and we take games, phones, and gaming systems in as trade. and you can get cash back or use the trade credit to purchase other merchandPS4ise within the store. Today I had a young gentleman, maybe in his early thirties, bring in his Playstation 4 to trade it in. Not really an unusual occurrence as many trade their systems in for a different system. I asked, as I always do, as to why he was trading in the system. I was prepared for the normal responses.

  • I want to upgrade or swap to a XBox One or Playstation 4.
  • I’m just a little short or cash this pay check.
  • I have to pay this bill that is due now.
  • I am going to use this towards my lay away of another system.

I heard none of those. What I heard made me walk around my counter and give this young man a handshake.  Here is the conversation:

Me: Man, why are you trading in your system? You have only had it a few months.

Customer: A friend of mine needs money to help with the expenses of his dads funeral. He needs the money more than I need the Playstation.

Me: Dude, that is totally awesome! (after pushing my chin back up to my mouth) I truly wish there were more people like you in this world. This world would be a better place.

Customer: I agree.

After scanning all the items into the database I let him know how much it would come to in cash. (Can’t tell ya…sorry)

Customer: That is fine. Any amount would help him at moment. My joy is giving this money to him. It is better to give than receive.

Then he said something that stuck even more. What I am giving him is worth much more than the cash you are giving me.

We talked some more but out of respect I will leave it out of this post.

I thanked him, shook his hand again and told him to have a great day.

What he did today really got my Spirit moving. Thinking more like it. It made me ponder my own selfishness. Would I have been willing to do the same thing? And be a blessing to another.


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