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I so needed this wonderful reminder this morning as life seems to have become really hectic here of late. Sadly the kids and I have missed our prayer time before bed the past several times they have stayed with me. The phone has yet again become an important item to me with work and blogging.
My children are too important. Time to Stu to get back to the basics.

Three Boys and a Mom

I believe we often learn life’s biggest lessons through the small, regular, daily things we experience from the world around us. The big things change us, but the small things shape us. We are woven together by the scraps of each day; the moments that seem small and could easily be overlooked by others.

Parenting is full of these moments.

I have many memories that shaped the way I feel about myself, the way I view others, and my relationship with my parents. On the surface, they were extremely small, insignificant moments; but they mattered.

Now that I am the parent, I am the one who holds each of these moments in my hands, both good and bad. What I do with them, matters. I want to be intentional in everything I do for my boys so that I not only leave behind a legacy I, and God, would be…

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