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Such wonderful memories of years past flooded my heart while I listened to this. I was, for about what seems like 20 years, a counselor at a Presbyterian church camp. This camp settled in Bismark, Arkansas was my safe haven. My first year as a counselor I cried most of the way home. And cried every year after that upon saying our goodbyes and leaving for another year.

Memories of paddling the canoes for what seemed like hours to have an overnight stay on a point in a cove. Memories of seeing young teenagers accepting Christ as their Savior. Praying with them as well as crying with them as they would pray for friends and family. Just watching them mature into young adults over the years.

I remember one night on the beach by the lake we were singing this song. We had made a bonfire as this was custom on our last night together. Problem is it had just rained….hard. We had tried to light the fire to no avail..that is until we started singing this one song.