Can anxiety be due to a lack of character?

I so loved this! Very valid and informative.

Such truth right here: Integrity and character are elements that dispel anxiety, depression, and fear. Nobody can take away your integrity – except yourself.

Prayer For Anxiety

Can anxiety be due to a lack of character Want to be stronger? Then pray for it.

The cause of anxiety can sometimes be obvious, such as problems with family, health, or work. Anxiety can also be made worse by a lack of character. Let’s see how you can strengthen your character – or better yet, let God make you stronger.

What is character?

Your character is the collection of attributes that determine your actions and reactions. When someone lacks character they tend to look for the easy way out. We don’t want to face our challenges so we:

  • Make excuses
  • Complain
  • Blame others or our past
  • Hide from the truth (denial)
  • Compare ourselves to others

In our hearts though, we know what the problem is. Weakness of character can linger for years and cause great anxiety or depression.

Seek truth

In the areas of your life where you encounter anxiety, ask yourself: In what way is my lack…

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