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There have been a lot of explorers who have traveled the earth over the centuries. Several of them made some great discoveries during their travels. I mean we would not have the U.S.A. had Columbus not traveled west. But if he had miss calculated and missed land he would have kept going west….unless he turned around.

I have often pondered how far the east is from the west. If I start a journey heading north, I know when I reach the north pole eventually I will indeed end up going south. And once I would hit the south pole I would wind up heading north yet again. But if I were to leave Rayville and head east I would just continue going east not matter far I travelled. The same would be true if headed west. There technically is no meeting space to the east or the west, to where you can say I have reached the spot where the east meets the west..it just doesn’t exist.

So that is why I ponder this verse..so much:

Psalms 103: 12 As far as the east is from the west, so far hath he removed our transgressions from us.

Such a wonderful verse for the saved and unsaved alike. Knowing that once we confess our sins to the Father He removes them from His sight forever. And it is all based on the cross, where His son Jesus died in our place, taking the punishment we deserve and hanging their obeying His Father with a nail in each hand…one on the east and one on the west.