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I am fixing to share a story with you that really hit home with me. It is a real story! One that might be familiar to some. It is a story of infidelity, divorce and hope.

You see my dad had cheated on my mom basically my whole life until I found out at age 17. I have lived through the sleeping around part watching my mom being depressed, suffering silently and then the fear that came when dad left. Dad was not addicted to drugs but he was to sex and alcohol.

I saw my mom try to find a job for the first time since I was born. I watched as she tried to find herself again. It was not easy to watch. I hurt for my mom daily watching her struggle.

Reading Catherine’s testimony brought back many memories for me….some good….some bad. But it did do what all testimonies do….remind us that there is HOPE no matter the situation. And I loved her statement that “life should wear a cup.”

Thank you Catherine (Bird) for sharing your story! May it help others to see hope always.

Everyone Has A Story...

birdIt’s the Fourth of July, 2014, as I write this, and I feel like I’m celebrating a different kind of Independence Day this year. I feel like celebrating the end of my own civil war.

I think back to August 2012 and it is hard to truly summon up those painful first days of my new chapter without feeling a bit of aching in my heart. That pain was unbearable.

This time last year felt completely different to me.

I had been publically humiliated, betrayed, lied to, and abused by my best friend, and the shock of so many unimaginably bewildering actions had not really set in yet. I had this rage welling up from deep inside of me, and I simply did not know what to do with it. I have very little experience with this emotion. I hate anger and the powerlessness that I feel comes with that emotion in…

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