Honduras-God Is Preparing His Chosen Ones Even While The Enemy Attacks

The enemy so loves trying to mess with the Masters plans. It ticks me off not only in this but in aImagell aspects.



We have twelve people signed on the dotted line to go on this Celebrate Recovery Mission Trip to Honduras Each one of us have had set backs. Financial set backs. The enemy is trying so hard to thwart what God wants done. I think only five of us have our passports officially in our hands. Mine came in the mail today.




Others are having such issues as their birth certificates being to light or too dark..stupid little things. But it is the little things from which big things come. Now they will have to expedite their stuff. More money. We haven’t begun the clothing issues yet really. Others have had dental things pop up like broken crowns. They fix that one and another breaks. I mean it is nuts.

I am asking for prayer. Specific prayer for this beginning of the trip.

  • That the enemy be bound.
  • That the Lord will reveal to us as a whole what He wants us to do. We have several options.
  • That more people will be lead to donate
  • For those giving their testimonies, like me, that we exalt God in our words as we write our stories down.

Those writing their testimonies will need to condense everything down to about a ten minute slot as to allow time for interpretation. That, I believe, will be a hard task.

For me I ask that you continue to pray that I can do this:Image


Now, as I said in an earlier post

I can not take this trip with a grain of salt. This has eternal implications. I see God taking the first seed of Celebrate Recovery and changing lives down there. I see lives being made new. I see other Celebrate Recovery chapters being opened down there and more lives being changed. Just like God has done here the states He will do down there. Celebrate Recovery changes lives because it IS Christ centered. What God showed me was us going down there and starting the ground work. ~God Is Up To Something


We will hopefully be going to see the leaders of the judicial system down there and explain Celebrate Recovery in hopes that this will be an option for recovery instead of the other options they have there. We are supposed to be going to at least one recovery house. As you know there are a LOT of drug issues in that country. There are also just a lot of hurting people with hurts, habits, and hang-ups that need this program. We will be visiting a few villages and taking the gospel to them. And I found out tonight that we will also be going to an orphanage.  There we will be handing out clothes and some toys to the children. This part of the trip will break my heart just like it does when I have helped feed the homeless in Tennessee. You come away changed.


We want to take the Word of God and show love and hope.

Please pray for us.

Thank you,



Image Honduras…here we come! We bring a message of hope via the prayers of others.

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