The Uniqueness Of God….Prayer

Well, you will never guess what God put in my head tonight on the drive home from work…..prayer! Yeah, I know..go figure but it was different this time for a unique reason altogether. I will share that towards the end of this little post.

I have been sick for most of this week. I do not know what it was or is. All I know is that my stomach was messed up, I felt as if I would pass out, my bones ached and my arm muscles were just tight. Felt as if I had been working out for a week straight. If I picked up a cup of coffee it felt as if I was picking up the entire pot. It started Saturday when I got out of bed. I always get out of bed by using my left arm to sit up. Well this time my wrist made a popping sound and it hurt. About an hour later I look down to see it swelling. I’m like GREAT, just what I need. But I go to work anyway. Wrist gets worse…of course.

So my day ends and I go pick up my son from the ex\wife. When I get there I try to pick him up and give him his hug and sugars and to get mine. Well, I can’t pick him up which makes both of us sad. I don’t know who likes the “pick me up daddy” or Brandon. But anyway, we head over to a friend’s house to hang out. Before we leave I get all bandaged up. Brandon and I make to church. Wrist still in the bandage. Everyone starts asking what’s wrong because I hardly ever hurt myself and when I do it is usually bad. But anyway, my ex/wife comes and picks up Brandon around 2 pm and I lay down to take a nap because I start feeling weak. Well I wake up 7 hours later. Then I go back to sleep at 11 pm and wake up at 11 am Monday.

I knew something major was wrong because I never-never sleep that long. But I had to be at work at 2, so off I went. Very hard day at work.

Tuesday rolls around I have to leave work because I feel as if I could pass out at any given moment. Head to the doctor. Get a shot in the rear and some scripts. Does not help me at all. So what does Stuart do? He asks all his Facebook friends to start praying for him because he knows the power in prayer. I take Wednesday off and just pretty much stay in bed all day until it is time to go to lead the 12-step study group for CR. My children show up towards the end of the meeting only to find daddy still not feeling good. Come to find out that my daughter, Erin, who just returned from church camp is not feeling well either. So my partners pray over us both and Brandon joins in the prayer. He whispered in my ear his prayer while the others were praying out loud.

Thursday comes with me feeling the same. So I leave work again and go to the doctor. This time for blood work, throat  culture and two more shots. I get home take a nap and go to CR because I need to. Everyone was actually surprised I showed up. I was like “Are you kidding?” I can still walk. I eat for the first time in two days really. When I get home I lay down for a few and then it hits. I head straight for the bathroom.

Unfortunately, the food decided it did not like my stomach and wanted out. I thought my throat hurt before this happened….I was wrong. Sleep comes I start praying for others.

I woke this morning feeling 100% better. Whatever they shot me up with did something. But I still want the blood results because my throat still looks like raw meat and that is an issue. So there are still concerns with my health and I have a mission trip to go to. The enemy will not keep me from going and I know that this is just an attack trying to get me down. But here is the thing: while I was praying Thursday night for a few of my fellow bloggers, accountability partners and loved ones I felt the Holy Spirit all over me because I was being prayed for at the same time by my friends. Prayer works friends. I know first hand. I have seen it work too many times in my life.

I know for a fact that I would not be an ex-porn addict if NOT for the faithful prayers of people who love and care for me!

I know for a fact that I would not be an ex-alcoholic if NOT for the prayers of others!

I know I would not know Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior had it not been for prayer! Nor would I have a relationship with the Creator of the universe had it not been for prayer! If my mom and grandmothers had not been praying saying “Lord, prepare his heart.” I would never have heard that still small voice that said “Stuart, I love you! Come to me and find peace and a joy that can not be explained in mere words.Bring me your burdens, for I know you are tired of carrying them. Give them to me and I will help you.”

Has it been an easy road? Hell, no it hasn’t. But nowhere in the Bible does it say it will be. Has it been worth it? Every heartbreaking and joyful moment. I have had more healing, more freedom and more joy than I ever though imaginable. So yes, I believe in the power of prayer.

So here is the uniqueness in which God spoke tonight. Told you I would get back to it.

Here is who I am praying for at moment and why:

Martin: Brother, I am praying for your relationship with the Father first and foremost. For the courage to continue to say no to porn, the strength to follow through and the patience it will take to allow God to work in HIS time not yours brother.  For your wife and children that they come to see the changes God IS making in your life. One day brother…one day God will allow you to wrap your arms around His precious daughter again and kiss her with a love only He can give.

The Happy Quitter: Sis, I am praying that the Lord continue to be your source of joy as you continue to stay an ex-smoker. I am also in prayer that your husband will have the desire to stop as well so that your lives will be lived to the fullest. Thank you for praying for me!

Kerri: I love you so much sis. Thank you for that one little, yet huge hug after I came off that stage after giving my testimony at the Wrestling For Your Life Conference! I was so nervous. Thank you for the opportunity to be welcomed into your life and ministry and to be a part of it. I pray for you daily that the Lord will continue to use you for His glory. To let others know that there is forgiveness and freedom from the walls that are built, the chains that bind and the scars associated with abuse not matter the cause.

Chris & Bonnie: Ladies, I know this probably shocked you. But yes, I pray for you both as well. You have a ministry that is very important. I pray that God continues to use you to open the hearts, minds and well..the gates of women everywhere by doing it just the way you are. Lovingly, honestly and with heart that seeks God first. I also pray that more men will start reading your posts because it may open their minds and hearts as well.

One HelpMate: I pray for your husband daily, sis. That the Lord will change his heart towards his addiction to porn. I also pray for you that God continue to give you the strength to stand by him as God deals with him. It is a journey sis. Thank you for your prayers too!

Ron: Once you started stalking 🙂  my posts and I went to yours, I started. I know, I know…but when God tells me to pray for someone I just do it. Everyone has scars sis, everyone has hurts and I am just praying for God to help ease those for you. Love ya whether you like it or not!

Melody: Hope you don’t mind me using your real name sis. You know I pray for you and your ministry. God is fixing to do something major. Thankful I get to watch Him work Keep it up sis!

Peter: Surprise brother. You are brought to my heart about once a week. God is not finished with you yet! There is a stirring coming be prepared, brother.


Now for the further uniqueness of God and what he told me to do:


Prayer request


Anyone who would like me to pray for you please leave a comment with what is going on (if you feel comfortable doing so). I know that several of the ones I pray for will be willing to pray for you as well. If you want to just leave your name that is fine too. If you want to message me privately my email is I look forward to adding you to my prayer list.

God Bless,


7 thoughts on “The Uniqueness Of God….Prayer”

  1. Stu, knowing that you are covering us in prayer makes me feel humbled and convicted. Thank you for bringing FW and O7 into God’s presence. As Chris said, we need spiritual protection. We also need His Divine guidance. Blessings upon your work here, Stu! Keep up the charge!

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  2. You are an angel with a good heart. Can you please pray for my daughter Shiante. She is starting a new job and needs prayer for safety to and from because she has a seizure disorder. Thanks so much in advance!

    Your Sister in Christ,

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