A Unique Place

God has me in a unique place right now. 

He has been placing random things on my heart for about two weeks now. And with each one I just weep. It is totally weird. I will just be sitting here at my apartment or driving to work and I will just start crying. I ask God “What now?” and He places a random vision in my head. I can not control the tears when He does this.

Don’t understand why at moment but He has me praying for the wives of porn addicts. 

Then the vision came this morning. A very powerful and vivid one. One that tore my heart up! I mean I just wept and wept for like thirty minutes. I had to send a text to one of my accountability partners and just said pray for me please.

Here is the vision the Lord put in my head this morning:Take It All

Husband and wife in bed. The wife was on her knees before her husband and she was in tears. The caption coming from the husband’s mouth was “Yeah, take it! Take it all!” while his hands were on the back of her head. Very vivid picture of how NOT to have oral sex within marriage.

Guys, please listen to me and listen very carefully:

The scenes that you have seen and the words spoken on screen have NO place in the marriage bed. Do NOT demean your wife during sex! The scenes in porn movies are not real. In that I mean they are not about making love to your spouse. While your wife is giving you oral pleasure you are NOT to grab the back of her head, push it down and try to make her take it all. She might not be able to. You are only hurting her. You are not honoring or loving her by doing this. Yes, you can intertwine your fingers in her hair to let her know you are enjoying what she is doing but not the above mentioned. More than likely she will learn to dislike giving you pleasure that way all together, even if she initially enjoyed it.

Guys I know how much fun oral sex can be. Whether receiving or giving. Oh boy do I! Forcing her to do either is WRONG!

On a side note, kind of….it is weird that the Lord put this vision in my head. Here lately I have had several women ask me why men enjoy oral sex so much. And oddly enough I had a friend of mine ask me why his wife does not enjoy it when he goes down on her. (That was an interesting conversation to say the least) So I am going to pray for guidance and post on oral sex for both genders. So please bare with me and prayer support would be appreciated.


3 thoughts on “A Unique Place”

  1. Thank you for writing this. I did the head pull thing many years ago and was chastised for it. I learned my lesson early on.

    Why do men enjoy it so much? Because it feels do good. When providing the pleasure, it feels good in my heart. I have always enjoyed giving pleasure to my wife. “Why do you WANT to do that!” is something she asks frequently. I always answer the same way, “Do you like it? You act like you do. I like it because you like it.”


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