Have I Done Enough?

Last Thursday at Celebrate Recovery we had the honor of having Sonny back with us. After an aneurysm and surgery to repair three blood vessels he is doing well, back home and on his feet. He would have been with us the Thursday before but he shared with me that he had went to the wake of a dear friend of his. He also shared with me a question that his friend had asked him on his dying bed. Understand that this friend of Sonny’s was a pastor. Nonetheless, this question has been on my heart and mind since then…are you ready?


Have I Done Enough

I believe this is a question we must all ask ourselves. No, I am not saying this in reference to things like the wife, the kids, work and such though those are important. And you should do your best with all of those especially the wife and the kids. What I am referring to is spiritual.

I really had to ponder that question. You see there are times when my life gets out of control with the kids, church, work, friends, Celebrate Recovery and such. And there are times when I feel as if I do not do enough. I have this blog and I would love to post a blog everyday. God has and is giving me a lot to think about and to write about. I mean I share my journey not for applause but so that maybe someone who reads it will understand that they are not alone in their struggles and thoughts. That there is hope. That there is forgiveness. And that by reading my story someone will not go through the same crap I did.

That is the reason I started Spiritual Leaders Of The Family, Resurrecting The Redeemed From Porn Addiction, Wrestling For Your Life and a few support groups for porn addicts on Facebook. The blog just happened as a result of  those. And through RTRFPA and CR I am an accountability partner for many men. Outwardly looking in I am sure that many people say that I do enough. For a while, at least til the other night, they may have been right.

After much prayer and a good ole heart search I would have to disagree.Am I reaching people? Yes, I would dare to say that God is using me to reach people. Have any of them accepted Christ because of it? I do not know and probably never will unless they tell me. I have heard some very humbling stories from people of how some of the things I post have impacted their lives. I am in awe of God most of the time!

My thing is this: Have I truly shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ to enough people? And I mean on a day-to-day basis. I just saw a story on Facebook about a 10-year-old little girl who was being held down by the older sister of the 8-year-old boy who raped her at school for crying out loud. Can I blame myself for this? Of course not. But, yet, it made me think…am I doing enough? Sadly the answer is no. I am NOT doing enough dang it! I should be telling people about Jesus, what He did on the cross and that they can be forgiven of their sins, healed from their hurts and find a way out of their struggles. I should be telling every person I meet what Christ has done for me and what He has done in me!

I want my children to see a father who is not afraid to tell someone about Jesus in say Wal-Mart, the mall or at the playground. That way they will not be afraid to tell their friends in school. I want my future wife to know she has a husband who is not ashamed to minister to anyone.

So tonight before going to bed I challenge you to seek God, search your heart and ask yourself:                                                  Have I Done Enough?

Then feel free to write the answer you find here and how you might  Do More.

God Bless,



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