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I know I should be going to bed right about now, but I can’t. God has revealed himself mightily today in several ways. The one I want to talk about right now is the mission trip to Honduras.



Now all I know is that when the mission trip was announced God told me to go. That’s it. So I told them I would go. Not knowing how I was going to afford to go scared me. Not going to lie about that. I mean I can barely put gas in my car at times. But with that being said I prayed about the trip and asked God to reveal himself. He did!

I was blessed with having a friend and brother in Christ pay for my passport money. So I took his gift and applied for my passport. You see I was preparing for rain. I was taking my friends gift, the seed, and planting it without knowing if the water would come to see it grow. Well God brought the rain today folks.  Tonight at church I was told that my way has been paid. Then God did more. I get a Facebook message from a friend and sister in Christ that is donating to the trip. That, in and of itself, is totally awesome.

But what has me up tonight is what God placed on my heart….the impact this mission trip could and will have on the country down there. You see lives will be changed. We have been asked to take Celebrate Recovery to one church. But God will multiply that so many times. I can not take this trip with a grain of salt. This has eternal implications. I see God taking the first seed of Celebrate Recovery and changing lives down there. I see lives being made new. I see other Celebrate Recovery chapters being opened down there and more lives being changed. Just like God has done here the states He will do down there. Celebrate Recovery changes lives because it IS Christ centered. What God showed me was us going down there and starting the ground work.

We will be going to the high schools, court systems and the rehab centers around our little village we will be staying at. Letting them know of CR and how it works. We will be training a staff on how to lead CR as far as worship, large group and small groups. God will do what He always does and change lives. Then others will want to start a CR chapter, then another and another. That is the scope of this one trip. God moving mightily! Saving and healing people from their hurts, their hangups and their habits. I am so humbled to be a part of this.

To be going to share the gospel and see lives changed while I am there is going to an experience all in itself. but to hear the stories of those that follow….WOW!!!