One Man’s Story As To Why He Quit

I love this video! So true and yet so sad…

I too was one of the young men who suffered from being paralyzed!



Care to share your story as to why you are wanting to quit porn?

4 thoughts on “One Man’s Story As To Why He Quit”

    1. Wasn’t it though! It was the first time I had heard someone use the term paralyzed in referring to bodily image. It was at that moment I knew I had to share this video. I had issues with self-image and self-worth for decades due to my addiction. Thank God that ordeal is over and I have accepting myself just the way God made me.

      may God bless your page and ministry in fighting porn.


  1. A bold attempt and inspired me to write. Pornography these days is one of the biggest problem societies are facing.
    I too wrote an article addressing the correlation of Human Trafficking and Pornography and common myths about it.
    Our Ironical Passion against human trafficking

    Have a look and share it as much as we can, because we all know how crucial it is to spread awareness.


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