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I will tell you I have never had a visual while reading someone’s story till last night. I mean I was there. I was standing by the pond watching knowing I shouldn’t be there but I couldn’t stop myself. I saw the hugs, I saw the tears, I saw the quiver on her lips when she said I love you too, and I saw the hesitancy when she hugged the man she use to love and trust. I was shaking my head to the I do not need sex, I need you statement. I cried when she said no that intimacy is gone. But I get it she does not trust him and there must be trust in intimacy. I felt the punch to the heart when she said I never stopped when he asked her to start praying for him again. Honestly, I was like….damn that hurt (yes, I meant to say that). But I still cried, I cried when they hugged and I cried when he got in the car and truly broke down.



This man’s journey reflects mine in so many way. There was a lot of baggage issues that killed my marriage but porn had it’s arm in there stirring things up due to my years of addiction.


PORN KILLS!! Don’t believe me? Ask this man…ask his wife,…his kids. Heck ask anyone whose marriage is struggling, on the verge of divorce, or died because of it.


You think you are not hurting anyone by watching porn…that is just pure stupidity on your part to be conpletely open and honest.


But I do not want to take away from his story and how it has moved me. I am praying for this man, his wife and his children. Would you join me in prayer? To understand please go to his site and read this part two of a three part story of the Tumbling Wall. Be warned though, he is hurting and angry. Therefore, there is language.


As I side note. I do not know where God is taking this little ole blog of mine, but I would love for some women who have gone down the road of a husbands addiction to share how it affected them mentally, spiritually and physically. So please pray about this ladies.