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This is so freaking awesome!!


I have to opportunity to go to Honduras on a mission trip. This is no ordinary mission trip, though the gospel will be shared. This is a Celebrate Recovery teaching mission. Our CR group has been asked to bring CR to Honduras.

We will be there not only to train several people on how to lead a CR large group, worship, small group but we will be going to the recovery centers, high schools and other areas to talk and share. This is an such an honor for to have been asked to go and share my story of alcohol and porn addiction to a group of people, via translators, that I never thought possible. And to be taking a Christ centered recovery program to a “non-Christian” country…WOW!

My concern is that, though being asked to go, I may not be able to. And here is the truthful reason why. I am broke. I am barely able to maintain paying rent on a monthly basis. I do make fairly decent money at my job but when you factor in taxes, health insurance, then rent, child support, light bill, phone bill, gas to and from work there really is NO leeway at all for extra things like clothes and even sometimes groceries, much less a trip out of country. There are many times Stuart just doesn’t eat. I make sure my kids eat when they come over to stay but the rest of the week it is a struggle.

I got the lowdown last night on the trip as far as finances go and I just looked at them and shook my head…and said there is no way I can do this. The passport is $135. I have to get that first. then the trip will be $1500. And I would have to pay that upfront before I can go, of course. After sharing my concerns last night at CR I was told to lose my pride and ask people to help me go…a sponsor of sorts. I was like “Yeah, right….” But a dear friend of mine, in whom I trust,  said it would not hurt to ask.

So here I am. In limbo…going out on a very large limb that to me is very shaky and asking for help.

If you would be willing to help me make it to Honduras, share my story and take the gospel via Celebrate Recovery to this country that Oh, so badly needs Jesus I would be ever so humbled. I would appreciate your prayers in this as well.

You may contact me at stubaby777@gmail.com or send me a personal message on Facebook for furthur details.

God Bless,