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Have you ever taken a walk in the woods and just been watching were your feet are taking you? I have done this many a time while hunting. Have you ever run across one of these while walking?

Snake Skin

These things are really cool if you actually take the time to truly look at them and not freak out just because of what it is. They are a true work of art. Considering the fact that if it is completely intact it shows every scale after being shed, which results in the shed snake-skin actually being twice as long in length as the snake that shed it. They do this about once a month just like other reptiles and they have to rub against a rough surface to assist in removing (shedding,moulting) the old skin.

We shed our skin as well. Not like in Sci-fi movies where you see an exoskeleton lying around and the person goes on walking away but a little over time. Actually, by time we die, we shed about 200 pounds of skin. We shed it while we sleep, when we bath ourselves, while our clothes are rubbing against us and when we itch ourselves.

Now that is the physical aspect of things!

What about the spiritual side?

I know weird thought, but it was something God brought to my heart while He and I were chatting last week. I was actually arguing with Him over freedom and why I don’t have it in certain areas of my life yet. I was just sitting there crying because I know that those who Christ sets free are free indeed. I’m like I have the freedom! It was paid for on the cross! Why the hell, has this desire not gone away. Then very loudly and promptly He said snake-skin and a picture of a snake trying to shed his skin (his old self) popped into my mind. Then I remembered something I had learned decades ago about snakes. They have to rub against rough objects in order for the old skin to be shed.

Coming Out

God was basically telling me that I have to kind of be drug over some rough material in order for the new me to separate from the old me. It is NOT one of those “Awww, that feels good!” moments either. It is very painful, angering and depressing as I go through this. And it is one that I, personally, can not speed up. It must take it’s course. I do not want one flake of that old self attached to me at all!

Once this is done, the new Stuart will shine through and truly be walking in freedom from a problem that has been attached for decades. One that I refuse to take into another relationship…period!

Are there any issues you are struggling with? Any have gotten you depressed, angry and isolated? If so take a look at a snake-skin and remember this: Storms are stones in the removing of the old self from the new creation God intends you to be.

God Bless,