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Guys, when you tell your wife how beautiful she is and her reaction is to turn around in circles and go “where” or “ who are you talking to” I know it hurts. I have felt that pain before…many times. Those words are the ones my wife used.


Many times while my wife was taking a shower I would just walk in, stick my head in the shower and say “Hey beautiful.” Only to have her turn around in the shower and look the other way and say “Where?”

I will be blatantly honest here…it actually killed me. Those few words showed me that she did not believe me….she didn’t trust my feelings of what I saw. Plus, it showed me that she did not see herself as beautiful. Which actually hurt me more than the fact that she didn’t believe me. It hurt because she was beautiful and still is despite that fact that we are no longer together.


Now, I know my ex-wife had several people in her past say some bad things to her in reference to her weight and her looks. The sad thing is, and we all know this to be true, words hurt. And if people say it enough we can actually start to believe them. Even Solomon in the Bible knew this. Proverbs 16:21 tells us this: Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love its use will eat its fruit. And once you believe the words spoken it is hard to understand how anyone can see you differently…even your husband.


What got my attention the first time I saw her was her outward beauty. But then as time went on and we got to know each other better I got to see her inner beauty as well. The caring for others. Her willingness to help without thought for herself. The sharing of her time to listen to friends who just need an ear. And a lot of times it was me who needed that ear as I was dealing with a lot even back then. Those are attributes of true beauty. And we husbands see it. We may not necessarily comment on it per se, but none the less we see it and admire it.


When my wife and I started having sex she did not really want to do it in the light. But that slowly changed and here is why. She became aware that I loved seeing her naked and making love to her in the light allowed me to see her eyes looking into mine. It also gave me a chance to watch her body react to our love-making. Believe it when I say this…there is beauty in that. I loved seeing her naked and she knew, yet she did not believe herself to be beautiful.


Here is what I believe she saw compared to what I saw.


She saw her stretch marks from carrying her first daughter. What I saw were love marks of a woman who, while unmarried, became pregnant and chose to keep her baby. Carry her to term and raise her in a loving environment.


After becoming pregnant with our first child, I am sure she just saw the weight gain. And then had thoughts of “Great, more stretch marks” and “I already have a hard enough time seeing my feet.”


What I saw was a beautiful woman, my wife, carrying our child. An act of love for a lifetime. More stretch marks on her would not have made her any less beautiful to me.


And that beautiful woman became sexy I tell you. To me there is nothing sexier than a pregnant woman. Don’t know why…just one of my things.


She had concerns over her breasts being too big and that they sagged a little. I will be honest, as that is my goal here, they were big and did sag a little but guess what? I did not care one bit. They were a part of the woman I loved so therefore I loved them. Many a night had I laid my head or hand on one or both of those breasts. They are signs of comfort not just for me but for the children as well. I loved watching the children climb in her lap and put their head on her chest for comfort.


When it comes to make-up I will let you know that I do not care for it. One it does not taste good, two there really is no need and three it is too dang expensive. The real her…her beauty is under that stuff.



Ladies, may I share a few things with you?


We, as husbands, see things differently just as you do. And there are just as many husbands out there that feel unattractive to their wives as there are wives who feel unattractive to their husbands. So, if you have a husband who tells you are beautiful please believe him, for he is seeing you through his eyes and with a love that no other man can know. If he is a man of God he is also seeing you through the eyes of God as well.


Take his compliment and appreciate his love for you.

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