I Want To Get To Know You Better

Wow, today I was looked at my trophies. Which is something I have never done. It seems I started this blog on November 21st of 2012. It really does not seem that long. I have written over 100 posts. I have 72 followers. And I have had the honor of having 100 people like my posts. Pretty cool.


Over the last year and half I have had the privilege of reading other blogs and sharing them here with you. Some of them have truly affected me in one way or another. Some have really made think and some made me laugh. Here is what blows my mind….it turns out that several people have shared my posts as well. Wow. It seems the Dear Porn Star post has been posted on forums and Facebook. That one was the hardest one I have ever written in my life so far.


But hey, the reason I am posting today is because I would love to read your most liked post,  the one with the most views, your personal favorite or even the hardest one you have ever written. Place a link in the comment section and let’s see what happens. I will read them for sure. But someone else might as well.


6 thoughts on “I Want To Get To Know You Better”

    1. You know I cry evertime I read your stories from your childhood.
      What God has done in and through you is nothing short of miraculous. Your voice will hopefully help others find theirs. Love you sis!


    1. I love the rock in a jar analogy.

      I shared Unbearable Lessons on my Facebook page. 🙂

      Trying to figure out how I missed the Oral Blessings post. That is such a good one. But that was before I started following your blog. My first one read was to Drink Of Spiced Wine, which I reblogged the day after I read it I think.

      I too carried a lot of old baggage, as we all do, into my marriage due to my past sex life. I like that one too.


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