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Many people see moms as someone who never stops thinking about their children throughout the day. And for the most part that is true..

But what many do not see are the dads that really do love their children. The men who turn down those “higher” paying jobs just to be able to spend time with their kids. To go to their plays, their games, take them to church, to read a story to them at night before they go to sleep. That shows love not the toys, not the Iphones or Ipads, not the big houses with the big yards. 

Those separated dads that can’t seem to make ends meet but would do anything within their means to make the lives of their children better. Those dads!!

To those dads I give kudos to! I pray for more men to stand like this because it IS a stand. A stand that says I will be there for my children BECAUSE I do love and care for them. A man that says “You know what, that two hours of overtime is not worth the disappointment in my child’s eyes or the pain they feel in me not being there.”



Time well spent