Wounded Warrior Hunts

What a pleasant surprise tonight. I still can not get the sight out of my head of watching the video presented. Let me share with you some of the events that happened.

Tonight we had our annual Men’s Wildgame Dinner at church. Just walking into the building set my mind racing as I was taken back by the different smells. On the table was a major assortment to choose from. Let me see if I can remember some of them. There was elk steak, dove wings wrapped in bacon, raccoon gumbo, deer dressing, deer sausage, two different types of salad, rolls and other styles of cooked venison. Oh yeah, more bacon! The dessert table was well…let’s just say full. And yes, all the ones I sampled were outstanding to say the least.

But the main event of the evening was not the food. It was the presentation done by John Nolan director of North East Louisiana Veterans, Inc. He showed us a video from T.P. Outdoors Adventures of one of the the Wounded Warrior Hunts. These hunts, as well as fishing and other activities, are for wounded veterans. The video shown tonight included a hunt where a wounded veteran, who had fallen three thousand feet during a parachute drop and lost mobility from the neck down, was able to actually shoot a deer. It was awesome! There was a special chair made just for him as well as a special deer stand. The gun itself was actually controlled by his mouth as was the chair.

There were several others tales John spoke of tonight but that one really stuck with me. It made me proud to be a child of God with brothers and sisters who are willing to help these wounded soldiers make a dream come true. It takes a lot of people to make these hunts come to reality. And if you hunt or have hunted…ever…you will want to help as well. Heck, check out any of the videos that are available on YouTube. Just look up T.P. Outdoors Adventures or Wounded Warrior Hunts. Then be prepared for a blessing, laughter and possible a tear or two. And for those who never hunted, you may not understand the proud moment I had tonight until you go hunting yourself. There is just something wonderful about being in the woods, or on a lake taking in God’s handiwork whether you actually shoot or catch anything at all. It is making memories that will last a life time.

 Warrior Hunts

Here is some contact information if you would like to help wounded service men make memories with their family and friends. Maybe you have some land that you be willing to let these men and women hunt on. Maybe you would like to help monetarily. And who knows you might be helping one meet Christ for the first time.

WARRIOR HUNTS Needs your help in making upcoming projects happen!

Where to send it: Attn: Warrior Hunts


P.O. Box 903

West Monroe, La 71294 EIN: 59-119-1272

(please annotate Attn: Warrior Hunts on any checks, per the bylaws on the 501c)

How will it be used: Your money remains local! NELVA maintains the records and accounts for Warrior Hunts, the moneys will be spent in Ouachita and surrounding parishes, not to pay staff members, but on equipment and items for the events that you can SEE happen. Bayou Life Magazine, News Star, KNOE/KARD/KTVE/KAQY have all televised either TP Outdoors Adventures or covered the events in some way. Now with YouTube and Facebook, the hunts can be seen anytime! (YouTube search: TP Outdoors Adventures)

Upcoming events for this year:

April–bowfishing with MarshMasters

(Pending Turkey Hunt in planning phase now)

May–retreat on Lake Bruin for families

October–Bowhunting Does (Doepocolypse) in Lake Providence

November–Veterans Day Weekend with Families “Warrior Deerpocolypse II”

(Parade float ride for families and food at Willie’s Duck Diner while the Warriors are in the woods)

December–Columbia Lock and Dam “Patriot Hunt” with USArmy Corps of Engineers, Duck Hunting and “make up hunt” from WDII

We usually print T-shirts for the events, if your business would like to be on the shirts, please send your logo to us along with sizes for your family and staff. We can be reached on Facebook as Patriots Alumni and Louisiana Sportsmen (PALS) or myself at johnnolanjr1@yahoo.com and 318-235-5454.

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