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This was reblogged by David on his site. I was so impressed with this post I had to share it myself. Take a moment and allow some of this to set in. There is such truth in this and it DOES need to be talked about! I believe we could all agree with that statement. I also agree with the masturbation part being just as destructive.

After reading this, do yourself a favor and stop by David’s site Constant Streams and the original author’s site The Misfit Missionary and check out what they have going on.

What Needs To Be Said About Sex.

Sex is awkward to talk about.
It’s avoided at all costs in the Church and among people in general.

But let’s be real…
It needs to be talked about.

It’s secretive…
It’s shameful…
It’s a sin against our own bodies.

I’m not talking about just full blown intercourse…
I’m talking about anything sexual.

I feel like we find comfort in the actual definition of “virginity.”
We think that if we haven’t really 
really had sex that we’re still “pure” and a “virgin.”

Purity isn’t just of the body, but also of the heart and mind.

Culture tells us that sex satisfies.
That it’s glamorous and fun.
That it’s not a big deal waking up the next day and moving on with your life.

All of that is wrong.
Outside of the covenant of marriage, sex leaves you empty.
You become one with that person.
And when it doesn’t work out, it’s freaking painful.
Even if it does work out, it’s a constant struggle to withhold until marriage.

It’s easy to get caught up in the passion when you’re dating someone…
But be careful.
Beautiful relationships are often destroyed
when sexual sin lurks in…
causing respect to be lost
and God breathed relationships to diminish.

Another stronghold that needs to be addressed is pornography. 
Pornography is not okay.
It’s easy to think that it’s nothing TOO bad since it’s not directly affecting anyone…
But it is.
It is ruining your mind.
It is distorting your idea of what sex should be like.
It’s a fantasy.
Actors play these roles.
Often times…
the actors of these films are men, women, and children
who have been stolen into human trafficking.
It’s supporting the very epidemic that we are trying to end.
Overall, it’s defiling to the actors.
It’s defiling to you.
If you’re married… it’s defiling to your spouse.
If you’re not married… it’s defiling to your future spouse.

It’s important to take the “cool parent” hat off…
and be nosey towards what your kids are watching on their Ipods and Ipads.
A nosey moment can save them from an entangling addiction that could last for life.

While sex and pornography are destructive…
Masturbation is just as destructive.
It’s easy to think that since no one else is involved that it’s okay.
I’ve heard it defensively described as just a release.
That it’s okay and harmless.
I beg to differ.
What thoughts are blazing through your mind when you’re doing such things?
It’s defiling and not okay.
Destructive to the mind.
Both pornography and masturbation make you more comfortable with sex…
causing a deeper desire for it.

The true issue isn’t sex.
It’s that we are broken people in desperate need of a Savior.
The good news is we have one…
we just have to beg for more of Him.
He has given us free reign over ourselves…
But he has also given us the power to say no. 
To get up out of bed.
To turn the light on.
To walk downstairs.
To shut your computer.
To call your best friend.
To call out to Him for strength.

Satan will tell you all day and all night that you’ll be judged and even pushed away
if people knew what you struggled with…
But that’s bull.
Everyone has issues.
Everyone struggles.
Talk about these things.
There is SO much freedom to be had.

I am still walking out this freedom.
I too have been bound by sexual sin.
I claim that it’s not something that controls me anymore.
I breathe easy in the fact that there is always a way out of such temptations.
I find rest in the fact that He is so forgiving.
I find peace that He fights for me…
I choose to be a woman of self-control.

Cheers to being free from the chains of sexual sin.
Cheers to vulnerability.
Cheers to self-control.
Cheers to freedom.
Cheers to true life.