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Warning! This post will be honest, blunt and might include a bad word or two!

People who have suffered from porn and have certain triggers be cautious about reading this and looking at the picture that are included. But for the point to be made they must be shown.

I recently had a friend share something on Facebook that immediately got my attention, It was not the caption with the photo that got my attention but the photo. He is a Christian and does not ever post things like this. Then I read the caption. And immediately got ticked off. Here is the picture.

Different Body Types Of Naked People

Different Body Types Of Naked People

My first response was “What the hell!?”….followed by “You have got to be kidding.” So the curiosity got the best of me…I clicked on the link. My mouth hit the floor and my heart broke. I then walked away from the laptop to regain my composure. I was pissed! The audacity of the School Board to allow this filth into the school system just proves a point. They are fools, the world is going to hell with shovel in hand and no one cares. Where are the parental outcries? I have not heard any! Oh, but wait the article says that the parents do not know that this book is in the classrooms. Really? Come on parents! It IS your job to know what is being taught to YOUR child! Where are the news reporters saying this is border line pornography? Oh, wait! It’s not pornography, it’s educational. BS!

Since I was addicted to porn at the age of twelve and have recalled it’s effects in my life, I think I know what pornography is first hand. The stupid dictionary does nothing to help in truly defining what pornography is because all it says is: an obscene writing, drawing, photograph, or the like, especially those having little or no merit. Well, if that is the case then there are no pornographic items in the world because all the above have merit to someone…somewhere. Allow me to define pornography for you. It is a writing, drawing, film or photograph that depicts naked people in them whether they are engaged in a sexual act or not. Therefore, though the School Board feels this to be appropriate material for fourth grade reading, it IS pornographic.

Lets talk about the next photo in the book that someones ten-year old son or daughter get to see, read and learn about. A picture of a boy standing in front of the mirror naked. Looking at himself. Ok, fine, we have all done that. It is the reading material with the picture that got me. Letting a boy or a girl of that age know how it feels to rub a penis and that is feels sexy. Great….just great.

Naked #2

This one tells the kids how to “successfully” use a condom. At age ten! Yeah right!

 Naked #3

The next picture shows a young girl and boy masturbating. Its hard enough for a child to understand a wet dream much less how his penis gets hard. Now the school is teaching them how to masturbate to pictures of other boys and girls. And telling them that it is normal and that it will not hurt them. Really?Naked #4

I could give you plenty of reasons why masturbation is not healthy.

Abortion is mentioned but not adoption in case one gets pregnant.

Excerpts from the book “Dreaming In Cuban” offer way too much for any fourth grader to read.

Now, I am all for sex education…..as long as it is parental! All children are curious and have questions. Eventually just saying you came from your mothers belly will not suffice. Be the type of parent that your child will feel comfortable coming to and asking these real questions. Be honest with them. Use the real words like penis and vagina not the kiddie names we use when they are just babies. Heck dads, the first time your son has a wet dream and he freaks out over the sticky stuff in his undies explain it to him. Moms explain to your daughter about a menstrual cycle before she has her first one. Talk about embarrassing and scary if she is not prepared properly. Tell them why they have it. Also explain to them that they should wait till they are married to have sex. I can give you a ton of reasons for waiting!

These photos when viewed by a child, whose brain is not fully developed, will stay with them. They will think about them. They will try to act on them. They will want to see more. And more. Then the cycle begins.

And we wonder why so many children are becoming porn addicts. The last recent study shows that the first exposure to pornographic material is nine not twelve like it was three years ago. Gee…..I wonder why?

And if this curriculum makes it way to my children’s school in Louisiana you can be quite sure the first words out of my mouth will be “Like Hell!