fb_img_1473287774121I have had many physical wounds in my life over the years from cuts, scraps and burns. I have had many emotional wounds over my life as well.

My physical wounds have healed because I did the peroxide, ointment and Band-Aids treatment.

Many emotional wounds have been ripped open over the last several years that I thought had been healed and scabbed over. I was wrong. I had applied the wrong ointment.

You see the true healing comes when we give our open wounds to the Great Physician…God. Allowing God, through the power of the Holy Spirit, to work on those open wounds in our lives is the peroxide and the ointment. Constant prayer, to me, is the Band-Aid. And when we allow Him to work He doesn’t just do topical ointment, He works from the inside out. His healing is true and real. Yes, there will be scars.

One day, I will be able to say thank you Lord for healing my wounds, both physically and emotionally!


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