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Saying NO to your favorite dessert is not easy, but neither is saying no to any addiction. You brain has been altered. You have set a pattern for your brain to follow.

IT takes time for those patterns to be broken…those habitual things.

But reconditioning your mind is possible…but the first step is the hardest and that is admitting you actually have an addiction and not just a desire. Then and only then can healing begin.

I didn’t say take place I said begin. It’s a process. Admitting it first, changing your outlook, heck changing friends sometimes must take place and allowing God to change your heart is VERY important as well. The Bible says that No temptation is given that is not common to man, meaning you are not alone. The Bible also says that the temptation will not be above what you can handle and that He will supply a way out. Problem is we don’t take the way out or don’t see because we are too wrapped up in the moment.

Prayer is a very important part in this equation! Pray in the morning for God to go before you and remove the opportunities. Before you sit down to a computer or even to use your cell phone..pray. Let prayer become the habit and it will overwrite the bad patterns.