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Allow me to share something with you that has been on my mind here of late.

Men…we suck. Some of us more than others.

We have “Christian” men that physically abuse their wife…WRONG!

We have “Christian” men that verbally abuse their wife…WRONG!

We even have “Christian” men who will forcefully have sex with their wife…WRONG! Submission is NOT a word that means you have a right to force your wife to do anything in the marriage bed that she does not want to do.

We have  Christian men that do not pray with their wife…much less for them…WRONG!

We have “Christian” men who while walking in a mall holding holds with their wife will do a neck breaker to do a double take of the woman that just walked by…WRONG!

We have “Christian” men who come home from work and sit in front of the TV till time to go to bed without  raising a single hand to help their wife….WRONG!

We have “Christian” men that go to church that don’t even pray…WRONG!

Heck, we have “Christian” men that don’t even go to church….WRONG!

We have “Christian” men addicted to pornography, over eating, alcohol, drugs and work… WRONG!

We have “Christian” men that other people see and say to themselves, if that is a “Christian” then I do not need their God….WRONG!

We have “Christian” men who would rather watch tv than spend quality time with their kids…WRONG!


Men, we are called to love our wife as Christ loves the church and gave Himself for her. He did not come to earth and become a man of anger with a hammer and sickle and destroy the church. He came to die so the church could have life through true servant hood.

In that manner should we treat our wives, children and those around us…with love..RIGHT!

We should be feeding our wives words of affirmation…RIGHT!

We should be the one on Sunday morning making sure everyone is up and ready for worship…RIGHT!

We should be a man of honor..RIGHT!

We should be a man of integrity…RIGHT!

We should be a man of servant hood helping with the dishes, cleaning the house and washing clothes…RIGHT!

We should be an example of Christ in the home and out of the home to draw people to a relationship with Christ through our behavior and lifestyle…RIGHT!

Guys, God wants to wake us up out our sleeping state and become the men He wants us to be! Allow God to work in your life. Seek Him diligently with all your heart…you will find Him! His Word is clear on that one! Be the man, the husband, the father, the sexual man, and the employee God wants you to be!