Pimps, Ho’s And Drugs = Grand Theft Auto V

I had a dear friend of mine ask me my opinions on the Grand Theft Auto V game one day and figured I would share it with you here. This could be an ongoing piece if I feel other games need to be explained so parents know what their children are playing. If you think I should let me know.

Here we go:

The biggest selling game of all time…to date with over 1 billion dollars in sales for the first three days of release.

But that is not the only attention this game has attracted. It was almost the first game ever to be rated AO, meaning adult only. In this bloggers eyes it should have been. Please realize that I have not personally played the game. Nor will I as I have two very young children.

Here are my thoughts on it.

The game play, from what I have seen via YouTube and word of mouth from gamers, is amazing. It is an open world game, meaning that you can go pretty much anywhere in the game at anytime. Even during missions, which are specific tasks within the game a player can choose to do or not. The facial expressions are so good you would forget you are playing a game but are immersed in a fantasy dream in which you have certain control over. The blood splatters from the weapons you use to either lame or kill someone would make you believe you are watching an episode of CSI. The cars you get to ride and steal are slick. You can even go scuba diving in this one. The map, area of the game, is huge. One player told me he just started walking and it took him 3 hours to walk it. That’s a large map for a game. Unprecedented actually.

That sounds great coming from a guy who used to love the gaming industry. I have my personal Biblical reasons for not “loving” the industry anymore.

Here is what I do not like about the game.

1. You can be walking or driving around town and see topless hookers.

2. There is a mission in the game that requires the player to actually film a porn movie.

3. There is one mission called “By The Book” where the player is forced to choose an instrument of torture. He is then told to kill the one being tortured but does not do so. He takes him to airport as a way for him to escape. But still…an act of torture. One that would stay with a person.

4. There is one scene in the game where one of the main characters is having sex with a woman outside on what appears to be a patio table complete with motion, breasts and moaning. Their depiction of woman is well…to be honest…they are made out to be whores, tramps, ridiculed and beaten.

5. There is one scene where one of the other main characters has to make a stripper excited without being caught by the bouncer of the joint and basically all you see are nipples in you face as it goes from a 1st person view to a 3rd person view.

6. The language is this edition to the GTA series is ridiculous. The “F” word is used way too much as is b**ch, c*nt and n**ger.

7. There is full frontal nudity of both men and women.

8. Implied oral sex and masturbation.

Now of course this game is rated M for mature audience. This means that they must be seventeen years of age to purchase this game. If it were up to me I would say twenty-one but I am not on the ESRB rating board. If I was, this game would be rated AO. And I would not have to be so concerned about parents buying it for their children because of the Adult Only rating.

Many parents do buy mature rates games for their kids that have shooting, killing and language in them. And as long as the child is raised properly will have no ill effects. But with this game, in my opinion, no matter the age that person will be affected.

As stated above this is my opinion and may represent yours..maybe not. And that is ok. I respect your opinion. But may I ask you this…if you have this game at home and you have small children or young teens, would you please have respect for your role as leader of your family to not play it while your child is present?

This game has made history for many reasons. Many of those reasons are good, for the gamer side of me, and many are terrible from the father in me and my stance with God.

Would you want your child playing this?

4 thoughts on “Pimps, Ho’s And Drugs = Grand Theft Auto V”

  1. Sadly, this is what a lot of video games have become. I am not going to knock Grand theft Auto….only because I love the first two. So much that I named all three of my cats after GTA San Andreas. However, I have watched each sequential one get worse and worse….which really sucks, because it really started out to be such a fun game!!! FOR ADULTS!!! Such is life. Sex sells. There is no way around it.


    1. Yep, you are right. Sex does sell, unfortunately. I will hate to see the next installment of GTA, especially with the capabilities the new systems have and the cameras.

      I have also noticed that is highly read about. For me some of my best posts actually have nothing to do with my past addiction, per se, yet they go unread. The ones about my addiction get the most views. Don’t get me wrong…that is ok because it is all about my journey.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. 🙂


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