Sin Is Sin and No One Is Perfect..Venting In Reference To A Post On Facebook




This may come off as harsh, insensitive and downright unbiblical for some people but here is the truth as I see it…

No one person on this planet is perfect! Not me, not your pastor, not your wife, not your husband, not your children and not you.

We, as followers of Christ, must quit this crap of downing each other. We must stop trying to prove our way of thinking is right and the “only” way! Christ is the Way, the Truth and The Life! NOT your denominational malarkey. Nor is that “one” verse you pulled out of the Bible to proof your point; which by the way is used out of context 9 out of 10 times, because once you take it out of context it is no longer truth but a means.

I have seen many disturbing things of late. Like calling divorce and remarrying adultery but yet what happens to them the moment that woman with the low cut blouse walks by and their eyes pop out of their head…adultery! I’m guilty as charged. I have the guts to admit it.

What about forgiveness?

To those who ask others would you be willing to sacrifice yourself or die for someone of another race, religion or station in life I ask you the same question. Because if you can not answer that question with “Yes, I would!” then you technically don’t have the right to ask another if they would. Would I? I would love to say yes, I really would, but in the heat of the moment I don’t think anyone can answer that question because, we humans, are selfish and want to protect ourselves and live.

To those you have overcome any addiction known to man through your faith in God..congratulations! But guess what? Just because God helped you overcome it does not give you the right to condemn someone who still struggles..Christian or not. What it does give you is the right to go to that person and say “You know what brother/sister I have been where you are. And with God’s help you CAN overcome this but you have to want it. I am here for you. I will pray with you and for you. Allow me to share with you how God healed me.”

Sin is sin! Adultery in the eyes of God is no more up on the totem pole than lying. And not lower on the totem pole than murder. They are all equal. So what we need to do is stop condemning and start loving! As Christ did and yes, I know that is easier said than done. I fail at this myself but I try.

As I said I am not perfect nor will I ever be until I get my glorified body. For I still get angry. Example I get mad when people cut me off while driving. I still lust. Example seeing that lady who comes into my store with boobs like Dolly Parton wearing a tank top. I let my mind wonder…..she didn’t. Praise God I’m getting better at that one!  I still say curse words sometimes. Example being the other day when I slammed my hand in a door.

So with that being said:

If you ever see a post on any of my Facebook pages that you feel is in error tell me. If you feel one is unbiblical tell me. If one hurts your heart..still tell me. I want to know because it was either the Holy Spirit convicting you or my error in wording it, but I might request an answer as to’s a learning thing for me.

As I said the truth as I see it….


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