My Prayer


I come to you today for all my friends far and wide. You know their pains and sufferings. You know their joys and desires. You know their strengths as well as their weaknesses. May you watch over them ever so lovingly. Reach down Lord and touch them today in such a way that there is no doubt in their mind that you are by their side. Father, let them know they are loved, if by none other than you. I have many friends, Father, that truly need to fall into you and feel your love, your peace, your joy and your strength. For those Lord I pray that you give peace where there is worry and anxiety, joy where there is sadness, strength where there is weakness, and love where there is low self-worth, anger, resentment and the lack of love. For those suffering from any addiction, Lord, I ask for their deliverance! For those who have loved ones that you have called home, Lord, I ask for healing of broken hearts and a renewed joy for life! Lord, we have all made some pretty stupid mistakes in our lives that we have regretted, me especially. But Lord the plans you have for us all…man, I can’t wait. Lord, may we all look forward to where you are taking us and not back to where we have been, for you are not finished with any of us.

I love you Lord. And I love them!

I ask this of you Lord in the name of your son Jesus Christ that you may get the glory for all of our lives.


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