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In todays society I have come to realize that freedom from pornographic material is impossible. No matter where you go there are advertisements that could make you mind wonder.

I mean I work by a Catherines’ clothing store. Every morning I see a picture of a woman in purple panties and bra set in the window of the store. But do I lust after that woman? Nope! When I go to the mall with my kids there are plenty of scantily clad men and women advertisements for Hollister’s and Victoria Secrets. Women come into the store I work at wearing clothes that are very revealing.

Even on the social network Facebook there can be issues at times. You pick your friends. I have a lot from high school, church friends and friends I have gotten to know through different pages and groups. But at times one or more will post a picture, especially on “hump” day that makes me go dang she looks good. But I don’t lust after her. I don’t lust after the guy wearing nothing but the towel he is holding, that a lonely woman friend recently divorced posted with the caption “Do you want me to drop the towel?”.

With a click of a button on my phone I can go to just about any porn site on the web and watch a video. But when that urge takes hold I put the phone down and pray, or I go clean the kitchen.

You see freedom from pornographic material is impossible unless you live under a rock somewhere in the desert where there are no people.

True freedom is how you react when presented with the images.

If you see an advertisement for Victoria Secrets and you can say she is beautiful and not wonder whether she is shaven or not then you are getting there.

If you can see an advertisement by the Hollister hunks and not envision what he would look like with out his clothes on then you getting there.

If a lady with a low cut blouse bends over in front of you and you can overt your stare then you are heading to freedom.

If you see your wife or husband walk in front of you naked and get weak in the knees, earnestly desiring him or her and not compare their body to someone else you are heading to freedom.

True Freedom is a matter of the heart first and foremost. Your mind will follow where your heart leads. Men and women, we need to set our hearts on sexual integrity.

Matthew 15:19 (KJV) “For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies:”

We need to do this: