Letter to a Husband

Dear husband,

I so wanted to tell you this last night but when you got home you went straight to the television and just sat on the couch. You didn’t even say hey to me or the kids so I knew you had a rough day at work.

And since you went to bed early I chose to tell you in a letter since you will leave before me and the kids get up.

I love you sweetheart! I am so proud that God placed you in my life to not only to love me but lead me as well.. You are doing such an amazing job. Thank you for helping me bathe the kids the other night and then helping with the dishes. It means so much to me that you are willing to help me around the house even after you have worked all day.
And thank you for our time the other night too. I always love your touch, little whispers in my ear and the little kisses while sharing yourself with me.


P.s.- I will be praying for you today for guidance and strength.


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