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Here we go. I’m gonna put my two cents out there on this. If you agree cool…if not that’s cool too.

Church..and I’m talking about the WHOLE body of Christ…WE NEED TO WAKE THE FREAK UP!!!


Wake Up

Did you know that just because you say you are a “Christian” people are watching you. That word, to me has become a cliché! I am a believer. I believe Christ died on the cross for my sins and that ALL of them were paid for right there and then on that cross, I believe that God raised Christ from the dead on the third day, I believe he ascended to heaven and sits at the right hand of the Father, I believe the Bible to be the true Word of God spoken into men by the Holy Spirit and written down to be shared amongst each other and I believe that when I die or sooner that I will go to that glorious place. I believe..I have faith in my belief.

But there are many people in this world who are looking at us, the CHURCH, and go they are no different than me. They are correct. We are all sinners. BUT, we claim to have Christ. And yet despite that claim there are just as many divorces within the CHURCH as in the world, actually more statistically speaking because there are less of us than them. Statistically there are just as many men and woman who claim Christ that are addicted to porn, drugs, and alcohol as there are outside the four walls of the building we call church. We are watching the same crud on T.V. that they are with no remorse for the scenes that are acted out, the words spoken or the lifestyles the portray. And the sad thing is we allow our children to watch it too. And listen to music that is lyrically uplifting to nothing other than a heathenistic lifestyle. We tell our children “Don’t have sex before your married but yet we run around on our wives and husband because we don’t have the guts to tackle the issues at home with the help of God. Or we try but don’t wait on God to move.

We, as the body of Christ, can not effectively minister to the lost and dead (in sin) if we continually allow this to happen. You had an affair..ok..fix your marriage. You have sexually issues within your marriage bed..talk it out, fix it..for crying out loud get help. You don’t love your spouse anymore…well start. It’s a choice not a feeling. The outside world needs to see a different body of believers so that they will desire to have what we have…Christ. And finally: STOP USING GOD’S GRACE AS A CRUTCH!!! Man up! Woman up! Wake up and walk the talk of a believer!