Iron Sharpens Iron

This morning the Lord whispered something to me and brought tears to my eyes.

There have been many times when a brother would call me and say I have a word from God for you. They would say what God told them to tell me and many times it would hurt like hell (just being honest). It was just like a punch in the heart, stomach and my head at the same time and I break down and weep. And I’m like dang bro that hurt but they were speaking the truth and the truth hurts us sometimes. And there have been times when that word is nothing but joyous and tears of joy would come.

That’s how God does his sharpening sometimes. He will use a brother or sister to tell you the things you need to hear to sharpen you…As Iron Sharpens Iron. He allows us to go through trials (the fire), then he will pull us out and lay us on the table (the anvil) because we are exactly where we need to be for Him to use a brother or sister to speak into us words of encouragement or loving judgment (the hammer) to hit us right in that one spot that will sharpen us and mold us.

But there is also another way to sharpen iron and this is what God spoke to me about as Father’s Day approaches. And it is the gentleness of a father to a son or daughter. We sometimes have to be the “bad” dad or “mean” dad as well as the “awesomest” and “bestest” dad in the world to sharpen our children. Those mean times will hurt us as well as our children but as they grow up they will eventually realize that dad was protecting them and sharpening them. And there WILL come a day when they can stand on their own and just cut through all the malarkey because of how you sharpened them in gentleness with a father’s love.

For with every spoken word to our children we are sharpening them in one way or another, so let’s not do it out of anger and have our children become sharpened crooked daggers but let’s do it all out of love so they will become sharpened swords.

Happy Father’s Day guys!
May God bless you and your families!

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