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We are not defined by the labels other people place upon us, nor are we defined by the ones we place upon ourselves.

Labels are only as good as the glue they are applied with and are not meant to stick with you forever. But you can continue to add glue to the labels if you choose to continue to look at them and say yep, that’s me.

Here are the labels I want to look at:

Child of God


Work in progress



Good enough

I would so rather look to those than the ones I used to look at that kept me from God, his grace and forgiveness and feeling condemned like:



Porn addict


No good



And this list could go on and on, if I really wanted to, but I don’t.

I have some amazing people in my life now that truly love me and only want the best for me, which is the same that God wants.

I am so thankful for God bringing them into my life.

Friends, we need to peel off the bad labels because the longer we wear them, the less they describe our past and the more they determine our future.

We need to put on the good labels and wear them proudly.