We all have some. Some that has been opened and some that have had the keys thrown away.

The sad thing is that old baggage has a way of popping itself open when you least expect it.

I had my own baggage when I got married. I had one for anger and resentment. I had one for my addictions. I had one for my hurts. I had one for past sexual experiences. Unfortunately none of these were really opened and openly discussed with my wife. Though she knew about them all she really didn’t know about them. There is a difference, you know.

Sometimes the people with the baggage really don’t know what’s inside because they haven’t taken the time and energy to honestly and earnestly understand them much less how they started in the first place.

Want freedom? Open some baggage with your spouse by your side. Pray about which one to start with, for they all effect your marriage and relationship with your spouse and God. Then together go through the process of seeking answers through prayer. Ask God to reveal to you were it started. If you really want to know He WILL tell you. Then the healing can begin.

It will allow your spouse understanding and closure to certain areas were they were like “huh? but afraid to bring them up because they did not know how to start the conversation without hurting you. Clean your closets for your marriage, family and children!


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