You Are Worthy Despite Your Past Mistakes

If you are wanting to live a Godly separated from your PAST sins, be prepared for attack. Attack from just about everyone.

Honestly, the attack is a spiritual one from the devil but he will use anyone he can to get to you. This includes your wife, your husband and your kids, the ones that you hold dearest. Your friends, coworkers and other brothers and sisters in Christ.

People will judge you because of something you did in the past, though forgiven and forgotten by God the Father, that has nothing to do with who you are today in Christ. All you are trying to do is live a daily life for God and they keep bringing up the past. I, honestly believe it is because they have sin in their life and instead of dealing with theirs…well they help you remember yours. Which hurts you and makes you feel unworthy of the cross. But trust me: YOU ARE WORTHY OF THE CROSS AND THE SHED BLOOD OF CHRIST!


People will attack you for your Christian posts on Facebook saying he or she is  just doing that to make himself or herself look good. When all you are really trying to do is let others know that God has changed you or working on you and that He can change them too. But you see the devil does NOT want that. The devil wants no one to be changed by God! And he will do anything in his power to stop it.

Be on guard, stand firm on the promises of God! Continue in your walk! Continue in your faith! Lean on God for He IS our strength.


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