The Feeling of Being Alone

I wonder how many woman and men feel alone despite the many loved ones around them?

You do not have to be single to feel alone. Did you know that you can be married to the most amazing spouse in the world and still be alone? Everything looks perfect on the outside..good home, good job, nice car, even a good church and a “good” sex life but yet feel alone behind closed doors. Like I said on the outside. But on the inside you feel alone.  There are things that can happen in a persons life to cause this such as the divorce of your parents (which can give you a fear of abandonment that can last a lifetime until you deal with it), always hearing words of discouragement instead of encouragement (this can and does cause of lot of mental stress), always fighting what you feel is a never ending battle of why doesn’t he/she listen or just plain being alone because the spouse is never home.  This aloneness can lead to many addictions to surface in ones life such as food addiction, smoking, alcohol, sex and pornography if not dealt with. The thing is you must get to the root of the true problem.

If you are dealing with this please seek God, asking Him to reveal to you where your feelings of aloneness started. Seek forgiveness or forgive and move forward. God will help you. I know first hand!!


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