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This is something the Lord hit me with this morning as I was driving to work…..
I even asked a brother in Christ this morning to pray for the casualties of war.

Let me explain what God put on my heart the best I can..might work..might not..here goes.Spiritual Warfare

You are in a war whether you want to be or not. And regardless if you are a Christian or not. If you are not a Christian you are just blind to it is all. You see, the enemy we face is the devil. He despises everything about righteousness and he hates us because God loves us. So he will hit us with everything imaginable to keep from serving God.

He has hit some folks so hard they just…well…gave up. These are the casualties of war. Sometimes it is not that they were hit too hard either…it’s the fact they had no support. No brothers or sisters to “have” their back in prayer, financial areas or just being a sounding board. We are called as brothers and sisters of the body of Christ to be there for each other. We are called to offer support without expecting anything in return..for our return on investment is waiting for us in glory not here on earth.

So reach out to your brothers and sisters who have been hit by the devil. Pray for your comrade in arms, the casualty, lend a hand, a voice, a ear, money, and encourage them so they may get back on their feet and Stand Tall for Christ.

God Bless,