Some people know the real name for this tree but most do not like me. In my eyes it’s just a tree with thorns on the branches. I call it the wait-a-minute bush. Trust me, you bump into one you will wait a minute.

Many a theological debates have been made over the thorn in Paul’s side. It was something he wanted to be rid of. God said nope but my grace is sufficient. It doesn’t matter what the thorn was because Paul knew that no matter what happened God’s grace was sufficient for that moment when the thorn stuck him.
It was in that thorn that Paul stayed humble not prideful or boastful.

We all bump into a wait-a-minute bush from time to time. A sin or habit that rears its head occasionally or frequently. We think we have it all together and then wham. It is at that moment God says you know my grace, through Jesus, is sufficient for that.. Don’t worry, here let me pull you back up. I love you and I forgive you! Lets try that again but this time lean on Me.