What If I Stumble?

Stumble, stumble, trip, trip, hit you knee, then your other knee hits the floor. All this right before you fall flat on your face in shame because you allowed yourself to stumble in the first place. And now you feel as if the weight of whatever it was that made you stumble, trip and fall flat on your face is too strong..then you give up. That’s not how it should be as a child of God!

Yes, everyone stumbles! We are human…we will make mistakes, we WILL slip up. But it as that moment when the first knee hits the floor that counts. That is the turning point. Are you going to allow the thing that made you stumble, lord over you and make you fall or are you going to say “OK God, I’m not strong enough to handle this. You are Lord over my life and I need you right now. Give me a way out of this!”

It’s at that moment that defines our walk.

Trust me, I’ve been face down in the weight of my own sin, going there is no way out of this. This is too hard to handle. And by myself it was. But the moment I gave it to God it became easier. He lifted the guilt and shame off my back and I was able to stand up again. It has been a journey of a lot of pain and heartache but praise God I now know that once I stumble I can go to Him and ask for forgiveness and get right back up without tripping and falling.

There is hope folks for Christians and Non-Christians alike. And that hope is found in Christ.

Your brother in Christ, Stuart


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