Ephesians 2:10

For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.

Such a wonderful verse here. It actually explains a lot to me as to why we, as a people, make plans and then try to achieve them. It’s kinda built into our fabric.

Here’s my take on this:

God formed us in our mothers womb. He knows the hairs on our heads or in my case the lack there of. Before we were even a thought in our parents mind God had designed within us special things that only we could do or use. These special things are talents. And there are many, from being a  good listener to surgery. From being a male or female. (Yes, being male or female is important in the big picture of God’s plan!) He made you to be the way you are for a purpose..His purpose for His glory.

The thing about life is until we realize that we need God there is this big hole in our being that we try to fill with anything and everything we think will make us happy. It starts off innocently enough like a bike, as a child,  but then can go as extreme as adultery, fornication and alcohol as an adult. There are worse extremes..but I will leave those alone. But soon we realize that those “things” do NOT make us as happy as we thought they would.

It isn’t until we heed the Holy Spirits call and accept Christ that we find true happiness. Yeah, I know we will still feel guilt, doubt, insecurity, anger and every other emotion imaginable. But despite those emotions that crop up there is still a happiness…a joy if you will. God knows our emotions better than anyone as He is the one who placed them in us before we were born.

You see God’s plan for this world includes you in it with your emotions, your talents and yes, the fact that you a male or female. Dear mom out there, have you not realized that God has placed you where you are, with that husband, to have that child, who will then grow to witness to someone 20 years from now. Why, because all that God placed in you and your spouse is now in that child. Your emotions and talents are combined to make the only person who could reach this one person for Christ. Or maybe you have a child that needs special attention. You ARE that child’s mom for a reason..it wasn’t accidental or a curse. It was ordained by God for a purpose…His purpose.

Dear dad out there, have you not realized that God has placed you where you are, with that wife to have that child,  who will need the guidance only you can give  because of the gifts God gave you. That guidance you give him will bring forth good friends to come hang out at YOUR house. One of those friends is there so you can be a witness to him. 

Dear moms and dads it IS our plan to raise Godly children because they are part of God’s plan for the world.

To understand God’s plan for our lives and those around us there are a few things we must do though. We MUST get into the instruction manual,  the Holy Bible, read it, dwell on it, memorize it and walk it. We MUST pray daily seeking God and His direction and then walk in it. It’s a constant walk of O.K. God that door is closed where to now. Remember His plan for you life was ordained before you breathed you first breath. You don’t get to see the puzzle pieces being laid down, because the puzzle is complete. His appointed time for you to meet that person is when it is in God’s planning not ours. Don’t get frustrated, as I have and still do sometimes, because a tree bears fruit when it is it’s time to bear fruit.

You just WALK with God!

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