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Isaiah 40:31 But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagle; they shall run and not be weary, and they shall walk and not faint.


Wings Like Eagles

I’ve been thinking on this verse for several days now….1: eagles are the most majestic animals and 2: it’s a promise. A promise that I have not fully understood till here recently and here’s why.

Most of us are not eagles and its not because we do not want to be. We just haven’t figured out how. Let’s look at the beautiful hummingbird for a sec. That little bugger is fast, almost to fast for the naked eye to catch the wing flutter even when blinking as fast as you can. But they have to be that fast to go from flower to flower and drink nectar (the milk of the flower, if you will) just to give them the energy required.

Eagles are so different. Eagles don’t drink nectar, they are a meat eater, a carnivore of the sky! They kind of gorge themselves on the meat. They get there energy a different way than the hummingbird.

We are like most hummingbirds. In that we flutter around real fast because of things in our lives that make us nervous, angry, depressed or stressed. So we flip through the Bible seeking a scripture here or there to make us feel better or give us a little peace. This is like drinking the milk of the Bible. But it not enough for us to soar above the storms of life.

The eagle, being a meat eater, has more reserves in it’s body because OF the food it ingests. We should be eating the meat of the scripture. This to me is done by seeking God, despite the circumstance and OUR emotion, and really asking Him what’s going on. What scripture can I reference today so that I can understand a little better about what is going on. His answer may not be right then and that moment. He may be bringing via a friend that says Hey, read this or God told me to tell you this. Sometimes we must…just wait. And we pray and seek, pray and seek till the answer comes that will allow us to soar. I’ll admit with all the craziness in my life here of late..I’ve been a hummingbird, trying to do the quick fix. But that must change for me..I must be an eagle, I must renew my strength and I must soar. I must gorge myself on the scripture and seek God more and pray even more.

Thanks for reading my thoughts today. God Bless, Stuart